Artist Statement

Growing up in the loud and bustling city of Miami as a child on the autism spectrum, I was often overwhelmed by external stimuli. Touch and noise invaded my body and mind on a near constant basis. Amidst the chaos, drawing and painting became outlets for staying grounded, while allowing me to show the world as I saw it. I had always been aware that I experienced the everyday differently than my peers, and making art allowed me to focus on what was in front of me and communicate that with others. Learning how to translate thoughts and experiences into visual form was an arduous process, but I soon came to realize that there can be beauty in the overwhelming, and that my experience was not a disability but rather a revealing lens through which to see the world. My art became a celebration of eccentricity in humans and nature, and the impossibility of perceiving an objective natural world. Bright colors and harsh lines create an artificiality in each painting that echoes my unnatural experience of all things natural. From views of mountain summits, to linear expressions of bodies fully immersed in strange spaces, each painting embodies my deep emotional immersion into my environments. Visceral, and sometimes disconcertingly discordant, the paintings are built up in layers as they search for harmony within their own chaos. Each painting centers around the relationship between person and environment, and the way which we all desire to simultaneously assimilate and stand out.