Caroline Faye is a painter and multimedia artist currently based in Navasota, Texas, where she is an Artist in Residence at the Horlock Art Gallery. Her work synthesizes moments of her quiet farm and field surroundings with her personal history, and a lifelong fascination with her own body, particularly in relation to the unnatural and uncomfortable. Through bright color and a surplus of visual information, she expresses the eccentricities of her world through an optimistic and energetic lens. Anybody who looks for beauty within the strangeness and complexity of our world can resonate with the work. 

Faye was born and raised in Miami, Florida, where she attended New World School of the Arts- a high school program that aims to cultivate young talent. She graduated from Washington University in St. Louis- Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts with majors in Painting and English Literature with a Creative Writing Concentration, and a minor in Art History. She has shown her work in Context: Art Miami, among other exhibitions around the country. She is currently represented by Grove Gallery and Interiors in Coconut Grove, Florida, and the Horlock Gallery in Navasota.

Caroline Faye in her studio at the Horlock Art Gallery in Navasota, TX